Telephone Calls

As you will already know perhaps, my answering machine intercepts the vast majority of my calls. Please leave the appropriate message, giving a detailed description of what you would like to discuss and whether or not you need a return call, together with your telephone number, when the machine answers.. If the matter is medically urgent and cannot wait for your call to be returned in the usual way, you may text or ring my urgent mobile phone,. Please be aware if you ring that you are then asking me to stop treating the patient in my office, while I answer you. Texts are less disruptive.

I trust patients will understand that, in a practice dealing with very ill people, it is sometimes necessary to interrupt their session to answer an urgent message, and with the cooperation of all, such calls will only be for urgent matters. While in general it is not appropriate or good psychiatric practice to have prolonged telephone discussions, it is important that patients do not put up with great distress or medication side effects that might be resolved by a brief telephone conversation.

Please also remember I have complicated time pressures, and will usually have to be quite rushed during telephone calls, so please do not be offended if I unintentionally sound abrupt verbally or by text.

NOTE : All answering machines I have used occasionally fail to record a message, with no indication to the caller or to me that this has happened. As I return all calls when I have time, please leave a further message if you have not had your call returned by the evening, or earlier if the matter is urgent. My answering machine is turned on 24 hours a day, so you may leave routine messages at any time, to be dealt with on the next working day.