Referring Friends or Family

While patients sometimes wish to recommend my treatment to their friends, it is difficult for me to take on new patients, as I am very busy trying to satisfy the referral needs of the selected group of doctors whose patients I do see, and giving second opinions to other psychiatrists.. Also, many patients are referred to me by other psychiatrists with conditions that are difficult and time-consuming to treat. In fact, I am obliged to say No to 90% of patients who wish to see me, as I need to properly treat my existing group of patients. Therefore, please discuss the situation with me if you wish one of your friends or family members to see me.

I hope the information in this booklet is not too daunting. I follow a philosophy of treating patients the way I would be happy to be treated if the positions were reversed, and I am keen to reduce the distress and suffering of those who see me as rapidly as possible. However, we are all human and fallible, so please feel free to discuss with me any issues that trouble you during your treatment.

SECOND OPINIONS:  A lot of my referrals are from other psychiatrists seeking another view on depressed patients not responding to treatment. Similarly, if you wish me to refer you for another opinion, I am happy to do this. It is not a competition! The only issue is that you recover fully as quickly as possible.