Paying your Account

Accounts will be sent to you at the end of each month.

(1) You may pay the account directly by forwarding a cheque and the original account, (or by direct payment to the bank account specified, giving your name also) so that a receipt can be issued for you to claim off Medicare. This way of payment means that you only have to claim once per account off Medicare, and the Medicare Safety Net is automatically calculated for you. However, this method involves more initial up-front costs, until your rebate arrives.

(2) Alternatively, you may claim off Medicare first, and then send their cheque, AND the associated printout, and the balance due to me. NB The Medicare printout comes with 2 identical printouts. The top of the page is for you to keep (and have receipted for Medicare Safety Net purposes if you reach the threshold). The bottom of the page must accompany your payments to me, (so that I know who is paying and which account is being paid).

Please process accounts as soon as you receive them, as Medicare deliberately withhold payment for up to three weeks after receiving the claim from you, as a government imposed savings measure. Accounts which are still outstanding after thirty days are liable to a standard $10 per month book keeping and late payment fee, which I regret I have to impose.

If you require a total receipt for the Medicare Safety Net , this will be given to you to cover all the amounts you have paid when Medicare send you a computer printout requesting such a receipt. To maximise this benefit to you, you should check with Medicare that all members of your family are registered as one Safety Net unit, and keep ALL receipts for the family for all doctors, psychologists, blood tests and Xrays. When you are claiming extra benefits from the Medicare Safety Net, it is best if you keep your top part of the Medicare printout, and ask me to stamp an official receipt on this printout, so Medicare staff do not have to recheck my receipt with their computer records. To claim off the Medicare Safety Net, you can do it in person, or by mail to Medicare SafetyNet section enclosing a normal claim form and ticking the form showing the accounts as paid, asking for the Medicare Safety Net refund, and enclosing your receipts; but do keep copies!

As mentioned, if you can afford to pay first, and then claim off Medicare, your account-keeping will be much easier, as then you do not have to claim twice, first from Medicare and later from the Medicare Safety Net.