Like most specialists, and bearing in mind the fifteen years approximately I spent in training and gaining a range of extra specialist qualifications, and obtaining my academic appointment through teaching and research, I charge the fees which are recommended by the Australian Medical Association. Whether or not you have private health insurance is not relevant for treatment outside a hospital. Over the years, the schedule fee which the government would like doctors to charge has fallen behind the fee levels recommended by the Australian Medical Association, of which I am a member.

Medicare will pay approximately 50% of your initial costs.  The Medicare Safety Net cuts in after you and your family (on the same Medicare card) have paid approximately $2000 per calendar year out of pocket ($600 approx if you have a healthcare card). These are 2016 figures.

Once you have reached your Medicare Safety Net threshold in any calendar year, future treatments by me (and any other doctors you may see)  in that year will be covered for about 85-90% of the fee charged.

I do not wish anyone to feel they cannot afford to see me due to the out of pocket charges, so please do raise this issue with me if the out of pocket costs are a problem for you. We all have or had financial problems.