Contact with Referring Doctor

Australian medical care is based on the arrangement that your family doctor decides on referrals to specialists, and manages patients care in conjunction with that specialist. While some patients who see a psychiatrist need only an opinion from the psychiatrist, most patients need treatment of some sort. I will advise your referring GP or psychiatrist of my opinion about what is wrong with you (if anything), and my advice on how he or she can treat you. Usually I cannot take on new patients for ongoing treatment, but I do intervene occasionally in complex cases where other psychiatrists have requested assistance. . In order to allow your GP to fulfil his or her role in coordinating and being kept informed of your progress, it is standard practice to forward a letter to your referring doctor soon after you are first seen, and at intervals while you continue to see me.

While I am of course careful not to disclose unnecessary intimate details, it usually is necessary to give the referring doctor some realistic outline of the problem and its treatment; if there are particular issues you do not wish mentioned to your referring doctor, please let me know as soon as possible.

If you decide after leaving your consultation that you have concerns about what may be written to your referring doctor, please leave a message on my answering machine indicating what material you do not wish included in such a letter.

Do be aware that WorkSafe in Victoria have the right to read the complete medical file!of those being treated under WorkCover !! A few doctors, including myself, resist this situation as far as possible. Tell your MP if you are concerned.

This practice complies with our privacy laws.