My Absences On Conferences Or Holidays

I am away from my practice fairly frequently, either lecturing, on holiday or attending various conferences, as I have a strong academic interest in being kept informed of the latest advances in treating the conditions with which I deal. During these absences, my answering machine will give you the name and contact telephone number of the psychiatrist who can give advice in my absence, or alternatively your family doctor can assist you.

If you are receiving medication, it is very important that you do not run out of supplies of medication in my absence. If enough medication has not been prescribed, or you have not requested prescriptions in time, please contact your local doctor to ensure ongoing supplies. In some cases, your local pharmacist may be happy to maintain supplies of medication, on the understanding that I will provide a prescription for the medication on my return. It is very important you do not run out of supplies of any medication I am giving you which requires a special permit from the Department of Health, such as stimulants or alprazolam (Xanax); other doctors are nor allowed prescribe these medications if I hold the relevant permit for you.

You can email me for advice if your GP or the covering psychiatrist is unable to assist, or the matter is complicated. I will reply when possible, which may take some days. Please do realise text messages may not reach me when I am overseas. In a small number of very complicated situations, I may be able to make occasional telephone contact to monitor the progress of very sick patients.